Gender in Economic History

Scandinavian Economic History Review launches a Gender in Economic History Virtual Special Issue

Gender’ is a central category in political and social debates on equal rights and opportunities as well as on inequality, and in broader cultural discussions. It seems widely underused and too narrowly used in economic history where the major focus is still on equal wages and participation of women in the labour market. Other aspects of ‘gender’, for example relating to entrepreneurial activity, to the business of sex, to ‘maleness’, to consumption or more generally to social life, which are heavily debated in cultural history and cultural studies, do not yet receive sufficient attention in economic and business history. The Scandinavian Economic History Review, is no exception.

Therefore, Scandinavian Economic History Review, launches a virtual special issue about gender issues. The aim is to make a broader audience aware of present and past research published in the journal. The editors of the journal have selected articles published over the last two decades to show how the discussion has developed over time. The Scandinavian Economic History Review also encourages researchers to further advance the field in new directions and to submit manuscripts dealing with new approaches to ‘gender’ in economic history.

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Jacob Weisdorf, Alfred Reckendrees (editors)