The British Economy in Global Perspective, 1000-2000

The Department of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Denmark marked the start of the new academic year with a PhD course given by their Guest Professor Stephen Broadberry. The course, titled The British Economy in Global Perspective, 1000-2000, efficiently covered a millennium of British economic history in just three days.

Professor Broadberry opens the lecture 

Drawing upon his work with various co-authors, Professor Broadberry began day 1 with a discussion of the course of British economic growth between 1270 and 1870, before placing the numbers in an international context in the afternoon’s session. Days 2 and 3 were less about Britain’s golden years and more about her relative decline from around 1870.

The course was well attended by staff and students from across Scandinavia. It was the latest in a series of exciting courses offered by the university, with Nick Crafts having offered a three-day course in October 2013.

This blog post was written by Jason Lennard, PhD student at Lund University