Karl Gunnar Persson has passed away

Professor Karl Gunnar Persson
This morning I was reached by the sad news that professor Karl Gunnar Persson has left us. He was one of the founders of the European Historical Economics Society, its first president and the first editor of the European Review of Economic History.
More importantly Karl Gunnar Persson was one of the warmest and kindest professors I have ever met. He combined friendliness with intelligence and humour. He was always helpful to his younger colleagues and inspired us by showing his passion for economic history. His work on economic history included various aspects of market integration, trade and long-run growth. In his latest work he suggested a new approach to analyse income growth in pre-industrial Britain by changes in occupational structure. 

Karl Gunnar recently updated his leading text book on the Economic History of Europe 600 to the present. The analysis was sharp and elegant, as in all of Karl Gunnar’s work.
Karl Gunnar Persson (right) at the EHES conference in Pisa 2015.
I was in contact with Karl Gunnar just some week ago when I asked him whether he would like to write something about the 100th working paper being published in the EHES working paper series. As usual, Karl Gunnar was quick to respond and had produced a witty and intelligent text in no time at all. Read his blog post here.

I am certain that Karl Gunnar will be greatly missed by the members of European Historical Economics Society, by his colleagues and by his many friends. Speaking for myself, I know I certainly will. 
This blog post was written by Kerstin Enflo.