YSI Economic History Graduate Webinar, Spring 2021


Dear all,

We are launching a third YSI Economic History Graduate Webinar this Spring. In previous editions we provided a platform for young researchers to present their ongoing work and get feedback from senior scholars. The online format made exchanges from people from different regions and research areas possible, offering early stage researchers an important venue in these times of disconnection. As social distancing remains a reality, so does connecting online to reach out to the community.

For these reasons we want to invite all young scholars working in Economic History to submit a paper for our 2021 Spring series. We welcome all sorts of contributions, regardless of time period or geographic area, as well as qualitative or quantitative approaches. You do not need to be registered with YSI to apply but we encourage all young scholars to join the community.

Send us a full paper version and an updated CV to: eh@youngscholarsinitiative.org

The deadline for papers is March 26th, and we’re planning on starting the sessions in April.

If you are interested in attending the webinar and receive the programme, please register using this form. The seminars will be held on Zoom and last 60 minutes on Tuesdays afternoon (Western Europe time). 

See you online!  

The YSI graduate seminar in Economic history is a joint collaboration between Ester Treccani, Jordi Caum Julio, Maylis Avaro and Xabier Garcia Fuente, with support from the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the European Historical Economics Society.