About the European Historical Economics Society

The European Historical Economics Society was founded in 1991 to promote European research and training in economic history. The Society is registered with the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales and its aims are stated as: “The advancement of education in European economic history through the study of European economics and economic history, particularly through the comparison and analysis of European economies”.

It brings together scholars from leading universities and research institutions in Europe and further afield, and publishes the European Review of Economic History four times a year, which as of 2023 has a five-year impact factor of 1.6.

The Society promotes pan-European research and cooperation in economic history by holding Congresses and summer schools. Since its creation, it has held Congresses in: Copenhagen (1991), Venice (1996), Lisbon (1999), Oxford (2001), Madrid (2003), Istanbul (2005), Lund (2007), Geneva (2009), Dublin (2011), London (2013), Pisa (2015), and Tuebingen (2017), in Paris (2019), in Groningen (2022), and in Vienna (2023). The next conference will take place in Stuttgart-Hohenheim in 2025.

The Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) series and the WEast Eastern European Economic History Initiative of international workshops are also formally and financially supported by the EHES. We also support and endorse the YSI-EHES Economic History Graduate Webinar and the International Macro History Online Seminar .

The Society actively collaborates with other scholarly organizations. Since 1992 it has operated a dual membership policy with the Cliometric Society, and has been a co-sponsor of several World Congresses of Cliometrics. The Society is also a member of the International Economic History Association. It enjoys close links with the Economic History Initiative at the CEPR, with whom it has co-organised a number of summer schools, and has similarly benefitted from a close relationship with EUROGLOBALNET.

The past presidents of the Society are: Karl Gunnar Persson (1991-96), Gianni Toniolo (1996-7), Jaime Reis (1997-1999), James Foreman-Peck (1999-2001), Leandro Prados de la Escosura (2001-2003), Sevket Pamuk (2003-2005), Lennart Schon (2005-2007), Marc Flandreau (2007-2009), Kevin O’Rourke (2009-2011), Stephen Broadberry (2011-2013), Giovanni Federico (2013-15), and Joerg Baten (2015-17), Pierre Cyrille Hautcoeur (2017-19) , Herman de Jong (2019-21) and Markus Lampe (2021-23).

Officers and Trustees

President (2023-25): Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer, University of Hohenheim
President-Elect (2025-2027): Oscar Gelderblom, University of Antwerp
Trustees of the society: Alfani, Guido; Arroyo Abad, Leticia (webeditor); Bolt, Jutta; Cummins, Neil; Gardner, Leigh (treasurer); Gelderblom, Oscar (president-elect); Herranz-Loncan, Alfonso; Juif, Dácil; Lampe, Markus (past president); Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle (president); Malinowski, Mikolaj; Meissner, Chris (editor EREH); Missiaia, Anna (Secretary-General); Nafziger, Steven (editor EREH); Nuvolari, Alessandro (editor EREH); Perrin, Faustine; Schneider, Eric; Vonyó, Tamás.