Economic consequences of state failure; legal capacity, regulatory activity, and market integration in Poland, 1505-1772

Mikołaj Malinowski is a Postdoctoral Research Fellowat Utrecht University and Lund University New EHES Working Paper by Mikołaj Malinowski (Lund University – Utrecht University) is available here. What factors allowed certain regions of Europe to develop their market economies early on and what were the reasons for the relative stagnation of the less successful areas? Specifically, […]

New ERC Horizon 2020 Starting Grant in Economic History: Spoils of War: The Economic Consequences of the Great War in Central Europe

Tamás Vonyó is an Assistant Professor at Bocconi University in Milan Dr Tamás Vonyó has been awarded €1.49 million to conduct research on a ‘Spoils of WAR’ project, which aims to set a new standard in the economic history of the world wars by investigating how the First World War affected regional economic development and industrial organisation in the Habsburg Empire […]

European Historical Economics Society (EHES) Congress, Paris, France, August 29th-31st, 2019

Conference Call for Papers and Sessions Submission Deadline – Midnight (GMT), Thursday January 31st, 2019 The thirteenth EHES Congress will be held at the Paris School of Economics. The Conference Programme Committee invites proposals for sessions and individual papers on any aspect of European or global economic history covering a wide range of periods, countries […]

Two stories, one fate: Age-heaping and literacy in Spain, 1877-1930

New EHES Working Paper by  Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia (NTNU), Alfonso Díez-Minguela, Julio Martinez-Galarraga and Daniel A. Tirado (Universitat de València) is available here. Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia is an assoociate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Economic and social progress has been closely related to advances in human capital. Numerous studies […]

Two Worlds of Female Labour: Gender Wage Inequality in Western Europe, 1300-1800

New EHES working paper by Alexandra M. de Pleijt (University of Oxford) and  Jan Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University). The paper can be accessed here. Jan Luiten van Zanden is a Full Professor of Global Economic History at Utrecht University Sandra de Pleijt is a post-doctoral research fellow at Oxford University It is generally acknowledged that the […]

The Napoleonic Wars: A Watershed in Spanish History?

New EHES working paper by Leandro Prados de la Escosura and Carlos Santiago-Caballero (Universidad Carlos III). Leandro Prados de la Escosura(Universidad Carlos III, Groningen, and CEPR) The Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815) are usually depicted as a major juncture in European history. Historians’ assessments of the Peninsular War (1808-1814) tend to emphasise its negative short-term impact. In our […]

CfP: The nutrition transition and beyond: dietary change in the world since 1945

FERNANDO COLLANTES (University of Zaragoza) and ERNST LANGTHALER (Johannes Kepler University Linz) would like to propose a session on dietary change since 1945 for the upcoming Rural History 2019 conference (Paris, 10-13 September). As a preparation, they are happy to issue now this informal call for papers.  They would like to shape the session around […]

Well-being Inequality in the Long Run

Leandro Prados de la Escosura  (Universidad Carlos III, Groningen, and CEPR) Abstract of the new EHES working paper by Leandro Prados de la Escosura. The paper is available here.  In the last one and a half centuries, substantial gains are observed for well-being dimensions beyond per capita GDP (including health, education, political voice, civil liberties, and […]

Virtual Issue of the European Review of Economic History on Protectionism

Nikolaus Wolf is a professor at Humboldt University in Berlin and an editor of the European Review of  Economic History  Protectionism is back on the political agenda and with it the question, how do trade and other forces of global markets affect our well-being? Trade theory suggests that specialization along comparative advantages is welfare increasing […]

ESTER Research Design Course, Cracow

Bartosz Ogórek is an Assistant Professor at the Pedagogical University in Cracow In November 2017 ESTER Research Design Course took place in Cracow, Poland. The event was organized by the Pedagogical University of Cracow (Bartosz Ogórek) together with Radboud University Nijmegen (Bram Hoonhout) and WEAST initiative (Mikołaj Malinowski). The main aim of the course is to help PhD […]