Gender in Economic History

Scandinavian Economic History Review launches a Gender in Economic History Virtual Special Issue Gender’ is a central category in political and social debates on equal rights and opportunities as well as on inequality, and in broader cultural discussions. It seems widely underused and too narrowly used in economic history where the major focus is still […]

Announcement: European Summer School in Economic History

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS  Humboldt University, Berlin, 1-5 September 2014 The topic of this year’s summer school is Catching up or falling behind? Institutions, geography and economic development of Eastern Europe in the long-run. Comparative economic development is a dominant topic on the global research agenda and economic history has made important contributions to the debate […]

EREH new editor: Joan Rosés

Joan Rosés is professor in EconomicHistory at London School of Economics andnew editor of the EREH We continue to present the new editors of the European Review of Economic History with an interview with Joan Rosés: How did you get interested in Economic history? My interest in History began relatively earlier, during the last years […]

EREH new editor: Dan Bogart

The European Review of Economic History will soon have two new editors – Dan Bogart (UC-Irvine) and Joan Rosés (LSE). They will work together with Nikoulas Wolf (Univ. Humboldt) who will remain in office. We managed to get quick interviews both with Dan Bogart and Joan Rosés. First one out is Dan Bogart:   Dan […]

Announcement: Call for papers Esbjerg FRESH Meeting

Topic: Ancient Economy and Early Economic Developments Date: October 1-2, 2014 Hosting Institution: Department of Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg Keynote Speakers: Erwin Bulte, Wageningen UR; Carl Hampus Lyttkens, Lund University Local Organizer: Brooks Kaiser FRESH Organizers: Rowena Gray, Paul Sharp and Martin Uebele For this meeting we particularly encourage papers […]

Announcement: FRESH incorporated into EHES

The Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) organizers are pleased to announce that at the recent European Historical Economics Society (EHES) trustees meeting on March 29, 2014 it was decided to incorporate FRESH within the EHES. FRESH will continue to be supported by and administered from the University of Southern Denmark and the […]

Debating Big Ideas in Economic History

A tribute to Jaime Reis Lisbon, 6 June 2014  We are pleased to announce a conference in honour of Professor Jaime Reis who will retire in 2014. The conference is organized by the Social Sciences Institute, University of Lisbon and Nova School of Business and Economics, and will be held on 6 June 2014. Jaime […]

Breaking news

This is the blog of the European Historical Economics Society. Our aim is to promote European research and training in economic history. We publish posts from events organized by the society, articles published in our journal (European Review of Economic History), interviews with leading scolars in economic history and other news related to the society’s […]