Call for papers: 2024 Annual Cliometric Conference

The 2024 Annual Cliometric Conference will be held on Friday-Saturday, May 31 – June 1, 2024, in Washington DC, sponsored by American University and the National Science Foundation. The conference will pay most travel and lodging expenses for faculty and graduate students chosen to attend. Proposals to present a paper, or to attend the conference without […]

The Highs and The Lows- Swedish Bank Failures through Inflation and Deflation (1914-26)

by Seán Kenny, Anders Ögren, and Liang Zhao Paper available here In the current context, it is difficult to imagine any policy discussion that does not involve interest rate movements and rising prices. The dual shock of supply chain disruptions induced by Covid-19 and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have led to inflation rates that […]

Terms of trade during the first globalization: new evidence, new results

David Chilosi, Giovanni Federico, Antonio Tena-Junguito Read the full paper here The debates. Did trends or volatility of terms of trade hold back the global periphery? Economists and economic historians have asked this question since the 1950s, when Prebisch and Singer argued that the worsening of terms of trade of peripheral countries from the beginning of the […]