11th European Historical Economics Society Conference 2015

Dear Colleagues,

on behalf of the European Historical Economics Society,

I am delighted to invite you to join us for the eleventh EHES

conference in Pisa next year.

The conference venue will be at the Polo Piagge and we are

expecting a good attendance so save the date in your diary:

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th September 2015.

Looking forward to seeing you in Pisa!

All the best,





The EHES welcomes conference paper submissions in all areas of economic history. Potential participants should send an abstract of 500 words as soon as possible, from 10th November and no later than 19th January 2015, to A.I.C. Asti Incentives & Congressi (Organizing Secretariat) - ehes.papers@aicgroup.it All submissions will be reviewed by the Conference Scientific Committee, and decisions will be made by 2nd March 2015. Accepted papers must be submitted in completed form no later than 1st August 2015. The conference will take place from Friday morning 4th September to Saturday evening 5th September 2015. Guest speaker will be Robert C. Allen (New York University Abu Dhabi). Participants should aim to arrive in Pisa on Thursday 3rd September. Optional excursions will be provided for those who wish to see Pisa, Lucca or Calci Charterhouse on Sunday 6th September.